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The phone number of Cathay Pacific Airlines Customer Service is 1-844-869-8462. A list of all the customer service as per the region and country has been listed below. All the customer service working hours is the same for all the departments. The working hours are Monday to Friday 6:00 am to 5:30 and Saturday at 6:00 am to 4:00 pm (PST). Sundays and Public holidays closed. For baggage delay or lost, the customer service number varies from airport to airport so to get the information go to the Cathay Pacific Airlines website contact us to know more. Help can also be provided from their social media Twitter or Facebook page, drop a message on their page and get an instant reply for your queries.


People’s preferences over travelling are changing with time. Everybody wants a luxurious experience while you travel and save as much as time possible to reach their destinations. Due to such kind of behavior airlines are gaining a lot of preferences from people all around the world.

People’s inclination towards travelling via air led to the emergence of numerous new airlines but nothing can touch the standard and quality of the old reputed airlines such as Cathay Pacific Airlines.

Cathay Pacific airlines are Hong Kong-based Airline Company with its central hub located at the Hong Kong International Airport. Established in the year 1946 this airline company possess a fleet size of 173 and covers a total of 77 destinations all across the world. Also, Cathay Pacific airlines are considered as the tenth largest airlines in the world according to sales.  

Cathay Pacific airlines phone number-

For Indians, the Cathay Pacific Airlines phone number is 1-844-869-8462 the number for the overseas passenger is 1-844-869-8462 .

The Cathay Pacific airlines customer service number is available 24/7 to help our customers all across the globe. Be it booking related issues, flight delayed problems, cancellation issues or any complication arising you can find a solution by calling up the Cathay Pacific airlines customer service number. Such practical and efficient working prospects of the customer care team of the company help it to become people’s first choice in Hong Kong and other parts of the world as well.  

The customer service number also serves as the Cathay Pacific airlines booking number, on calling the Cathay Pacific airlines booking number you will be guided on every way to procure your tickets in utmost convenience.

Also, online booking is possible via their website, and the company has explicitly emphasized in building up an extremely user-friendly website to help the majority of their clients to book tickets online and find other necessary information from there.

The website also provides needed information about Cathay Pacific airlines reservations.

In that case, all you need to do is log in to their website or just search on your browser as Cathay Pacific airlines reservations and open their website type the necessary details and book your flight ticket. For making further changes, you can call up their customer service number or make the changes from their website itself.

Cathay Pacific airlines baggage enquiry-

Regarding your baggage enquiry, you can always look up for the Cathay Pacific airlines baggage enquiry booth at the airport and talk to their representative and follow up the condition on their website. You can also call up their customer service to seek help.

According to the Cathay Pacific Airlines Cancellation policy and fee if you cancel your reservations within 24 hours of booking you pay no cancellation charge but if time is passed the scheduled hours then you have to pay a certain amount as the cancellation fee depending upon the cost of your tickets as decided by the Cathay Pacific Airlines Cancellation policy and fee rules.Cathay Pacific Airlines Reviews are also an essential aspect of the company as the Cathay Pacific Airlines Reviews portrays their good deeds and amazingly luxurious services provided on board.

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